FRJ004 – Point B

After his excellent remix for Sully’s “Phonebox” EP last summer, Frijsfo Beats is delighted to provide a home for Point B’s latest and best experiments on the fringes of dubstep and UK garage.Point B previously enjoyed a swell of grass-roots appreciation for his material on leading UK electro label SCSI-AV – a sharp, intricately produced dancefloor twelve and an extremely thoughtful full-length. 2007’s EP for Stormfield’s Combat Recordings fused his techniques and sound palette with the rhythmic genius of two-step, an idea expanded and developed to its full potential on his first full Frijsfo release.


Opening track “Detritus” is built around an unbreakable backbone of kicks, woodblocks and dense sub-bass growls. Tweaked techno stabs sustain the pressure until Point B drops a mean (but tastefully executed) snippet of Distance-style bass guitar and an atmospheric post-Skream melody.


“No Smokes” is a tense meeting between two-stepping beat patterns and stiff electro-funk, illustrating Point B’s distinctiveness. Graceful soundtrack synths smooth things over somewhat, only to get re-jigged for mashed-up dancefloors by fragments of a caustic acid line.


“Isocity Meter” boasts an even brisker, more invigorating arrangement, dominated by huge, metallic bass tones that sound as if they’re being collided and yanked apart by an elastic sense of rhythm.


Finally, Italian Frijsfo discovery Kuoyàh contributes an unbelievable remix of “Someone Else’s Past”. His trademark loose, unevenly oscillating beat constructions are fascinating in their own right, but take away nothing from the rolling, dark two-step vibe. Any DJ who feels a connection to dubstep’s more creative eras should be playing this.