SFO002 – Sully

“Sully’s *the* most exciting producer doing anything with swing and 2step beats this side of Burial. Headz ain’t ready for Sully…”
— Blackdown

Boomkat says: “Tougher garage steppers from Sully on Bristol’s Frijsfo imprint. His ruff weave of dub, garage and hardcore has been picking up a ruck of followers who should be well into this release. ‘Sleazy’ is the better of the two here, working with darker atmospherics into which he sets a growling hardcore bassline and beats like El-B in a foul mood. ‘Cadillac’ follows with a more laidback roller concentrating on Steve Gurley style garage breaks and a jazzy double bassline reminding us of The All Seeing I’. Sick twelve.”