FRJ009 – Sully

Frijsfo Beats are proud to announce the latest single from UK bass badman, Sully, entitled ‘Toffee Apple’. Picking up where his 2010 Keysound single ‘In Some Pattern’ left off, it sees the versatile pirate vibes-imbibed producer take purple synths and twist them into dizzying contortions. A rude drop roots the track firmly in UK soundsystem culture while a tough steppers beat drives it forward.

Sully is one of the most treasured yet under-celebrated producers in the UK today. Finding a space between 2step’s swing, dubstep’s edge and breakstep’s drums, his versatile productions perfected styles and vibes four or five years before the ‘future garage’ movement had begun to investigate them. As the rest of the bass family are now embracing house, 2step, UK funky, purple synths and juke, Sully looks to have a big 2011 ahead of him. ‘Toffee Apple’ is the perfect sweetener. (words from Blackdown)


Toffee Apple comes on an extremely limited edition hand-etched 10″ vinyl forthcoming April/May 2011.

Limited hand-etched vinyl edition

“Always watch for new Sully beats. It’s a good hobby. Either he will completely merk the whole idea of “future garage”, or make mind-bending, seasick lowrider beats like this.” (