SFO010 – Submerse / Kuoyah

Released August 2011.

“Over the past 3 years Frijsfo have built a name for releasing quietly adventurous music, joining the dots between garage and the broader, more exploratory side of cross genre electronica that has come to be termed simply as bass music. Over the same time, Submerse has produced a selection of melodic and skeletal garage tracks, making Frijsfo a natural home for this 12”.  On the A-side, gentle pads, weighted kicks and a hollow woodblock give way to a super smooth drop, involving subtle sub patterns and the ubiquitous cut and pitched female vocal.

For those used to the edgier end of the labels output though, it should be noted that this is as close to ‘pure’ garage as Frijsfo have got, and if the A side leaves you hankering for something slightly more twisted, turn over for Kuoyah’s superbly wonky remix. The Italian producer retains the pads and percussive elements but layers them, building a supremely warped 5am stumble.

Calling to mind the hypnotic rhythmical quirks of 2562 or even Actress, and clocking in at over 6 minutes, it is a joy. An assured and polished 12”.” (Harry Sword, DataTransmission.co.uk)