SFO013 – Point B

Released October 2011

*Resident Advisor review: “Conceptually, a release entitled The Established Order of Things could hint at everything in general and nothing in particular. However, the glistening, distorted environment that this UK bass-inclined EP generally evokes is quite specific; the four tracks here all doing something a little bit different while remaining part of the same general unsettling template. The slowed-down swing of “The Established Order” alternates between sharp-as-a-needle breaks and spacial incandescence. “Breeding Ground” is all low-end and rim shots, hinting at a lively car chase. “Grave Diction” sounds like a gruelling journey to the heart of the bass. It’s a robust track that blossoms when the synths wash around its core. “Spore Onion” isn’t that dissimilar, but the general tone is lighter, even though it’s augmented by spectral strings that could have accompanied Vincent Price on a killing spree.” (Paul Corey, Resident Advisor)