Frijsfo Treats 5 – Point.B

The fifth in our series of free music from Frijsfo Beats artists is a real treat, and comes in the form of a live recording from one of Point B’s most recent shows. It was at Bristol’s legendary underground club Cosies, where he, DJ Oslek, and Sclist came together to launch his new album ‘The Veld‘. One of the seemingly few electronic musicians who actually performs his music live in a club setting rather than just mixing tracks on a laptop, this has been an important part of Point B’s creative process for years. Testing out new ideas, beats, and melodies on the fly, he takes inspiration from club crowds and sound-systems before tweaking and twisting them into full tracks later on in the studio.

This live set shows yet another side to Point B’s music than ‘The Veld’ which is “primed for deep headphone listening and more meditative DJ sets”, however both make for very engaging and exciting listening experiences – the kind that many fans have come to expect from him having heard his distinctive musical output over nearly a decade.

‘The Veld’ is on sale now at BandcampItunes / Boomkat / Juno / and all the usual suspects, but if you’re not ready to make that purchase yet go and download a free track from the album at

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