FRJ012 – Buzzin10 – Basement Mood EP

We think everything we release on Frijsfo is fresh. At the same time we believe it doesn’t hurt to stay in touch with your roots, which is something Buzzin10 does in a fascinating way. We can’t tell you much about this young producer from East London, a publicity-shy individual whose music we first heard thanks to his older brother. But we do know he pieces together rhythms by sampling fragments from old tape packs – mainly Garage Nation’s late 90s recordings of some of the best DJs of all time, including DJ EZ, Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown, DJ Luck & MC Neat, and Ray Hurley.

This record’s grooves come reinforced with cast iron beats, the sort other people just don’t make any more. That said, it could hardly be mistaken for an excercise in nostalgia, as the bump ‘n’ flex is a springboard for something more unsettling. The bittersweet atmosphere of “Basement Mood” could be imagined as a mythical encounter, Grant Nelson versus Aphex Twin at his most haunting. By the same logic, “String Ting” is an improbable meeting of M-Dubs and Drexciya, its sharp breakbeat funk caught up in stormy arpeggios. “Buzzin Twelve” is icier still, bouncing an ominous choral synth patch off of its elastic bassline.

Regardless of any connections with the past, such references only go so far in conveying Buzzin10’s uniqueness. More importantly still, we know from having tried them ourselves that each of these tunes works without fail on a dancefloor. This EP is only a selection of the material we have; listen up for now, but keep your ears open for more.

DJ support so far comes from Sully, Desto, Oslek, Warlock, Kingthing, Resketch, RK and LTF (Wifey LDN), Cardopusher, Valta, Dusk & Blackdown