Frijsfo Treats 6 – Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp generously offers one of the best Frijsfo Treats yet in this ace DJ mix, which is packed with upfront and unreleased music from the likes of Beneath, Shy One, his brother Brackles, and more – including Dusk & Blackdown’s ‘Wicked Vibes’. All three of the bloody delicious tracks from Kemp’s new vinyl, the ‘German Salad’ EP feature too.

The mix is short at just over 30 minutes, but Martin prefers it this way – “I think mixes are better shorter. Who really needs an hour. I could do another”, he says.  Surely he will, meanwhile you should download and enjoy this one.

Martin Kemp – Closer [Frijsfo Beats]

Shy One – City Roots [forthcoming on DVA music]

Beneath – Blaze [unreleased]

Martin Kemp – Cracks [Frijsfo Beats]

Brackles – 2012 [unreleased]

Martin Kemp – German Salad [Frijsfo Beats]

Shy One – Lickle Rascal [forthcoming on DVA music]

Brackles – Lifeaintlikethemovies [unreleased]

Contakt & Mayster – Rebuild [unreleased]

Shy One – Pastel Requiem [forthcoming on DVA music]

Brackles – Do it for the P [unreleased]

Mickey Pearce – Tempted (F+ck Tonto Edit) [Ten Thousand yen]

Shy One – Black Widow [forthcoming on DVA music]

Blackdown – Wicked Vibes [forthcoming Keysound]

Martin Kemp’s ‘German Salad’ EP is out now, and his next single ‘Terr’ is forthcoming on Frijsfo Beats in September.