FRJ014 – Geiom – Glesprin EP

In the past our releases have had a lot of support from excellent DJs – but never so much as with Geiom’s Glesprin EP. This year Ben UFO, Sully, Beneath, The Black Dog, Brackles, Midland, Spatial, Al Tourettes, Hackman, Happa, West Norwood Cassette Library and of course Geiom have all played tracks from the EP.

On 12th November Frijsfo Beats is releasing the Black Screen CD, Geiom’s first album in half a decade. But as we favour vinyl over all other formats for DJing, we had to put something on wax too. This EP contains tracks specially selected for mixing in the club, none of which feature on Black Screen.

As much of a cliché as it sounds, the title track is a guaranteed floor filler. Over nearly seven minutes it builds unstoppable momentum, driven by constantly mutating percussion and a bubbling, evolving bassline.

The title ‘Ferrite Gaps’ is a clue about the involvement of magnetic tape in these tracks. During production, parts and sounds were bounced to and from cassette. Each track was also bounced down to a classic analogue two track machine by Matt Colton at Air Studios as part of the mastering process. Needless to say it all sounds amazingly warm and distinctive – partly because of this attention to sonic detail, partly just because it’s a Geiom record.

‘Digitithe’ is a collaboration with Hizatron, a Nottingham resident like Geiom. His recent EP with Bashley (Discharge, on Wigflex) has deservedly turned heads much further afield than Nottingham’s thriving techno scene, with Sonic Router, The Quietus and XLR8R all singing his praises. Despite bringing in outside influences, ‘Digitithe’ defines Frijsfo’s intentions as a label as well as anything in the back catalogue.

*Stream the Glesprin EP on Soundcloud*