SFO025 – Warlock

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15 years or more before Frijsfo Beats even came into existence, Warlock was mixing it up on London’s Pulse 90.6FM as well as up and down the UK at some of the 90s’ best and most legendary raves such as Helter Skelter, Interdance, Labrynth, The Eclipse, Club Kinetic and too many more to mention. Few DJs know dance music history as well as Warlock. He can happily spin a connoisseurs set of just about anything from the heyday of rave up to today’s multi-faceted bass music scene.

You probably also know of Warlock from the Rag and Bone record label and radio show which he and Noyeahno operate, and for the last 10 years or so has been “a melting pot of dubstep, breaks, bass music and electro, often with the occasional hint of old skool and techno”. Never sticking to one genre, but always preferring to explore new sounds and styles and keeping it fresh. It has led him on to spin at some of the UK’s more recent forward-thinking parties (Bloc, Z-Shed, Plex, We Buy Gold, Don’t, Overkill and Coin Operated to name a few), after nearly 2 decades of starting out as a DJ in the seminal first years of British rave music and culture. Such an approach to music now brings Warlock to Frijsfo Beats in 2013 with two recent productions that are as equally immersed in the now as they are in the good times of the past.

DJ support comes from Sully, Oslek, Kingthing, BunZero, Wascal….


**Also check Warlock’s recent releases Space Junk EP and Bad Boy EP , as well as others on Rag and Bone Records