Frijsfo Treats 9 – Sully

For Frijsfo Treats 9 we asked “the king of swing” Sully to mix up some 2step in support of Frijsfo Beats Volume 4, our new garage compilation. Rather than releasing one of his recent productions, Sully’s contribution ‘Feel It’ is actually an archive cut from 2008, Frijsfo’s fledgling year as a label and by all accounts a vintage year for Sully productions. Just listen back to ‘Phonebox’, ‘Trackside’, ‘Jackmans Rec’, ‘Broadway G’, and it’s clear he was onto something special and very much his own regardless of what it owed to classic garage and dubstep music. However, that’s history immortalised in the black wax, so instead of looking back we had a chat about where Sully is at musically in 2014, and this new mix of his. You can stream it on mixcloud or click the image to download:

FRIJSFO: Your contribution to Frijsfo Beats Volume 4, ‘Feel It’, is from 2008, a vintage year for Sully beats. You’ve done loads with your music since, what are you working on at the moment?

SULLY: I’ve just finished up an EP for Keysound, that’ll be getting a release later this year. It’s followed on from the higher tempo stuff on the album but I’ve gone back to more hardcore and jungle influences, it’s raw and stripped back but there’s still a lot of energy and melody in there. Reckon there’s more of that in me but after hearing certain releases and spending a day in your studio I’m feeling a return to 2step is on the cards.

FRIJSFO: Can we get some insight on your current listening habits too?

SULLY: With the hardcore I’ve gone back a lot. Mumdance & Logos are killing it in 2014 with a Metalheadz/Reinforced flavoured palette but it hasn’t stopped me revisiting 93/94 for classics from guys like Foul Play, Kemet Crew, New Blood, Acen, a Guy Called Gerald and so on.

Back in the present Wen, Double Helix and Buzzin10 have me thinking about 2 step and swing again, as I mentioned. Those guys sit nicely alongside all the weird new grime people like Rabit, Murlo, Specialist n Strict Face are doing so you can cover a lot of ground in a set.

FRIJSFO: It’s good to hear you’re still in on the swing on this mix. Can you give us a tracklist?

Brotherhood – Freedom [Ride It Riddims]
Ballistiq Beats ft Riko – Rise the Machine (Sully mix) [Unreleased]
Wen – Swingin (LDN Mix) (Keysound)
DBX – Dion Our Thing [Ruff on Wax]
Harry Lime – Spin Back [Harry Lime]
Grievous Angel – Lady Dub [Devotional Dubs]
Sully – Feel It [Frijsfo]
Etch & Parris – Different Angles [Unreleased]

FRIJSFO: Finally, what can people can expect to hear you play in the club these days?

SULLY: Everything I’ve just mentioned haha.

Frijsfo Beats Volume 4 is released April 28th, 2014. Pre-order your deluxe copy direct from the label here!