FRJCD02 – Heart of Matter

    • 1
    • Benefactor
    • 2
    • Silver Pictures
    • 3
    • Faded Patterns
    • 4
    • Surely Now
    • 5
    • Exception Rules
    • 6
    • Jasenovac
    • 7
    • Noctiluca
    • 8
    • Semaphore
    • 9
    • Body of Water
    • 10
    • Convergence

Point B’s fourth album Heart of Matter is his second for Frijsfo Beats, following up 2012’s epic and introspective musical voyage, The Veld.

After almost 10 years of output 2013 saw Point B take a much needed break from releases and shows, instead choosing to focus on composing, recording and writing (see his series on Generative Music in Reason). Now it is time to hear the fruits carefully sequenced and packaged as a long-player – a format in which he clearly revels.

Though there are moments that are atmospherically consistent with previous Point B albums, Heart of Matter embodies a welcome shift in outlook: away from the dark and melancholy and on towards a brighter and more dynamic aspect. There are fascinatingly colourful and exotic textures on display, executed and accompanied by confident and fully formed melodies. The result is an album of naturally accessible compositions, all sounding distinctively like the work of Point B.

Comparisons may be drawn to noughties Warp, or certain material by contemporaries such as Kuedo, Damu, or Ital Tek, however Point B’s healthy ability to avoid genre trappings and his individual attitude towards rhythm make this a breath of fresh air in a busy sonic city.

Album highlights include ‘Semaphore‘, ‘Faded Patterns‘, and ‘Benefactor‘, but the real prize comes from taking Heart of Matter from start to finish. The album title Heart of Matter is hinting at the idea that even feelings are essentially physical, that we’re all made of the same stuff, and that reason and emotions are compatible.


*Point B’s ‘Comfort Zone’ from the ‘Don’t Switch Off’ EP features on our brand new 2step compilation ‘Frijsfo Beats Volume 4’.

Trap Magazine on Heart of Matter: “This sometimes underrated, always brilliant producer makes a welcome return to Frijsfo with a slick follow up album to 2012’s ‘The Veld’. After taking time out to focus on production last year, on ‘Heart of Matter’ Point B delivers his signature 2-step, UKG and dubstep fusions, but with a distinct change in the predominant mood, as the LP shines with a new, ethereal brightness and sanguinity. The introspective qualities of previous works remain – particularly on the haunting soundscapes of ‘Jasenovac’ and ‘Noctiluca’ – but with a general sense of optimism and a summery glow shaping the tone throughout. These melodically vivid, rhythmically varied constructions flow together seamlessly and, with no obvious stand-out, are perhaps best appreciated listening from start to finish. A beautiful long player.”