FRJ016 – Atki2

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Wire Magazine: “Sam Atkins mangles sound sources like a junglist. Between the waist-winding syncopations and chants of “Bubble” lies pure turbulence – drums contort, subs wriggle, percussion stretches like putty. The effect is undeniable: it’s tough to sit still, such is the temptation to jump up and start throwing gun fingers everywhere. On the flip’s “Galaxy Zoo”, sub pulses are earthy, clearly aimed straight below the belt, but paired with iridescent synth brass. The founder of Bristol’s Ruffneck Diskotek parties, and half of duos Monkeysteak and Dutty Inspectors, Atkins operates at the intersection where his home city’s rich bass city collides with other global sound system musics.”

Bass Clef said “these are great, a nice pairing of a banger and a more blissout summery number, loving the combination of ragga dancehall vibes and a bit of 4/4 technoey attitude great stuff : )”

Phaeleh said “Really enjoyed the tunes, been a while since I’d heard anything but pleased it still had the cheeky swagger I always get from your beats. Bubble Like Soup was lush got me grooving in my chair, which is rare these days! Thought the sounds in Galaxy Zoo were awesome as well (admittedly, stick a euphoric vocal in there at the start I’m always pretty much sold). But yeah, thought it was a great electronica track as well as being a dancefloor beast too. Rolled really nicely and felt restrained in all the right places, so other elements can breathe nicely. Enjoyed! Sorry for the review like feedback, just really liked it and thought it was a great release for Daves label too, so win win all round! “

‘Galaxy Zoo’ appears on Samrai’s Don’t Watch That / Niche ‘n’ Bump mix

This is the follow-up release to 2011’s ‘Knock Knock / Vietnam‘ seven-inch, about which was said:

“Atki2 has long been performing his unique strain of dancehall, bashment, dubstep, and jungle, yet this is the first time he has released this style on its historical format of choice, 7-inch vinyl. Having co-promoted the Ruffneck Diskotek club night (a strong factor in Bristol‘s development as one of the globe’s most exciting hubs for dubstep and bass music) for nearly a decade with Dub Boy and other local cohorts, he is deservedly a much-loved and respected member of Bristol’s music scene. See his many releases on the city’s top labels such as Punch Drunk, Idle Hands, and Immerse, as well as further afield imprints like Shadetek and Actress’ Werk Discs, for whom he first recorded way back in 2005. With long-term partner Hanuman, Atki2 also helms Steakhouse Records, and the duo have been releasing bass-soaked music under the name Monkeysteak for several years. Solo recordings as Atki2 are rare, but these freshest fruits have a wonderful cockeyed dancehall characteristic to them, recalling the 1990s era heavily electronic styles of labels such as Fashion, Steely & Clevie, or Taxi, emitting twisted and often weird electronics, but all within a dagger inducing locked groove. These tracks have support from DJs and labels across the planet such as Dub Boy, Cardopusher, Ekoplekz, Oslek, Murderbot, Mr Gasparov, Idle Hands, and Iberian Records to name a few. Strictly limited to 300 copies inna murderation formation.”

Since ‘Knock Knock’, Atki2 has mostly been writing for The Dutty Inspectors. The Dutty Inspectors are Atki2 and Dub Boy, a DJ & production duo from Bristol. Their sound is a rowdy cocktail of soca, rave and dancehall aimed squarely at your waistline! This Atki2 solo release is his purely focused on his own style of dancehall, which is loads of fun on the floor but also just fantastic instrumental music to put on this summer. Catch Atki2 and The Dutty Inspectors live at Glastonbury, Boomtown, Womad this summer!

“The Dutty Inspectors provide hours of unbelievable dancehall, bashment and soca. They have a constant party vibe, free and fun loving….” (Now Then Magazine)