Frijsfo Treats 10 – Chav and Dave

Despite featuring on our first vinyl compilation with ‘Macked Out’, Chav and Dave never completed another release for Frijsfo. This doesn’t seem right, because along with Sully’s first 2step tracks and Atki2′s contributions to Werk Discs in 2006, the “terribly named” duo Chav and Dave inspired Frijsfo Beats’ conception as a record label. Some of us have come to terms with the fact that we’ll probably never witness one of their hilarious, legendary live shows again. However, years on, the ruff and ready old instrumentals still linger in the playlist, refusing to be forgotten. Made between 2003-2005, these pre-Frijsfo 2step classixxx by Chav and Dave are so much fun (and laden with uncleared samples) that we had to give them away.

Chav and Dave – Frijsfo Treats 10

1. Matalan Showdown (Wanna Make Sommin’ Of It? Mix)

2. Cry Me A River Island (Just In Your Mum Mix)

3. Dobamannzzz (Two Nelsons & A Fuck Load of Fit Bits ‘O’ Slit Mix)

4. If I Ain’t Dicked You By Now (Rough Sluts Mix)

5. Chav’s Paradise (You’re In My World Now Sonny Me Jim Mix)