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AComing soon – Kuoyah’s debut album: Iride»

Coming soon!

AFrijsfo Beats presents SULLY / POINT B / KUOYAH @ The Portland, Cambridge, UK»

We’re doing a one-off event on November 5th in Cambridge and Sully is heading the bill… we’ll be announcing some more big Frijsfo names to the line-up soon but meanwhile there’s a limited number of cheap advance tickets available over here. Catch the fireworks on the common beforehand and then head over to The Portland Arms where it’ll be getting started. Show some love on the facebook event yeah. See you on Wednesday 5th November. Remember remember…

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AFrijsfo Treats 10 – Chav and Dave»

Despite featuring on our first vinyl compilation with ‘Macked Out’, Chav and Dave never completed another release for Frijsfo. This doesn’t seem right, because along with Sully’s first 2step tracks and Atki2′s contributions to Werk Discs in 2006, the “terribly named” duo Chav and Dave inspired Frijsfo Beats’ conception as a record label. Some of us have come to terms with the fact that we’ll probably never witness one of their hilarious, legendary live shows again. However, years on, the ruff and ready old instrumentals still linger in the playlist, refusing to be forgotten. Made between 2003-2005, these pre-Frijsfo 2step classixxx by Chav and Dave are so much fun (and laden with uncleared samples) that we had to give them away.

Chav and Dave – Frijsfo Treats 10

1. Matalan Showdown (Wanna Make Sommin’ Of It? Mix)

2. Cry Me A River Island (Just In Your Mum Mix)

3. Dobamannzzz (Two Nelsons Read More »

ADJ Oslek – Moon Underground Podcasts 1-8»

Here’s DJ Oslek’s podcast series with The Moon Underground (2011-2014) all in one place. Download each episode by clicking on the artwork and listen out for unreleased tracks, exclusive versions, demos, and mashups… There’s music in here that was intended for release on Frijsfo but it never happened because of dead hard drives, time constraints, sample clearance, lost files, other labels doing it instead (haha)… Enjoy.

DJ Oslek x The Moon Underground x ONE

“The first in a new podcast collaboration series from DJ Oslek (dj mix) and Moon Underground (illustration). Featuring new music from artists Sully, Klaar, Desto, and Sclist, plus music from the following labels: Rephlex, Perlon, Warp, 3024, Hemlock, DPR, Ramp, Keysound and Frijsfo Beats.” March, 2011

DJ Oslek x The Moon Underground x TWO

“Featuring new music from Cardopusher, Geiom, S-Max, Spatial, Kuoyah, Desto, Planes, and Sully, plus other music all from these labels: Frijsfo Beats, Schmorgasbord, Read More »

AFrijsfo Treats 9 – Sully»

For Frijsfo Treats 9 we asked “the king of swing” Sully to mix up some 2step in support of Frijsfo Beats Volume 4, our new garage compilation. Rather than releasing one of his recent productions, Sully’s contribution ‘Feel It’ is actually an archive cut from 2008, Frijsfo’s fledgling year as a label and by all accounts a vintage year for Sully productions. Just listen back to ‘Phonebox’, ‘Trackside’, ‘Jackmans Rec’, ‘Broadway G’, and it’s clear he was onto something special and very much his own regardless of what it owed to classic garage and dubstep music. However, that’s history immortalised in the black wax, so instead of looking back we had a chat about where Sully is at musically in 2014, and this new mix of his. You can stream it on mixcloud or click the image to download:

FRIJSFO: Your contribution to Frijsfo Beats Volume 4, ‘Feel It’, is from 2008, a vintage year for Sully beats. You’ve done loads with your music since, what are you working on at the moment?

SULLY: I’ve just finished up an EP Read More »

AFrijsfo Subscribers»

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Happy 2014 Frijsfolks! We need you involved this year. There’s albums, vinyl, CDs, artist comebacks, marquee signings, and much more in Frijsfo’s 2014 pipeline.  So please…

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AFrijsfo Treats 8 – Erra»

If you’ve been on the Nottingham scene or kept close track of Geiom’s Berkane Sol imprint, you may already know a little bit about Erra – the cake-loving Sega-playing grime-&-garage-raving producer. If not, while we anticipate his label debut, let us introduce him by presenting his cold and heavy new mix as Erra enters another Special Stage with his music. Stream Erra’s Frijsfo Treat or click the image to download, and listen while you read our Q&A below…


FRIJSFO: You’ve been on our radar for a while now… what have you been up to since the Stax / Jookup 12” came out on Berkane Sol?

ERRA: Yo! Musically not a huge amount in all honesty, I’ve been writing bits on and off since the Berkane Sol 12”, trying to gather a nice lengthy catalogue of finished trax which is still an ongoing process. I guess the stuff I’m writing currently has an aesthetic which has always been present in the stuff I’ve written, only now swinging more heavily towards a clangier, icier, Grime infused sound; music which is kind of lost/unsure of itself in a way, seasick riddims if you like. Read More »

ADJ Oslek – Le Beau Selecteur»

DJ Oslek - Le Beau Selecteur

Frijsfo Beats’ man in charge has recorded a tasty new mixtape for Niche ‘n Bump‘s Tape Loading site! There were just two rules:

1. Strictly vinyl only.

2. Recording is live and direct to cassette.

Listen to side A and/or purchase the full mixtape in all it’s home-made glory at

AFrijsfo Beaters and Teeshirts ON SALE NOW!!!»

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Frijsfo Tees (ltd edition)

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AFrijsfo Treats 7 – Various Artists»

Happy xmas or whatever it is you’re up to… please help yourself to this pack of beats from us at Frijsfo. Thanks for your support this year.

1. Lewis Hunter – Daph

2. Planes – Likely Bright

3. Clueless – Shaky

4. Sully – Moment4Life

5. Kuoyah – Icicle

6. Point.B – Diatribe

7. *video: Hem – Keir n Cleef