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Happy 2014 Frijsfolks! We need you involved this year. There’s albums, vinyl, CDs, artist comebacks, marquee signings, and much more in Frijsfo’s 2014 pipeline.  So please…

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Frijsfo Treats 8 – Erra»

If you’ve been on the Nottingham scene or kept close track of Geiom’s Berkane Sol imprint, you may already know a little bit about Erra – the cake-loving Sega-playing grime-&-garage-raving producer. If not, while we anticipate his label debut, let us introduce him by presenting his cold and heavy new mix as Erra enters another Special Stage with his music. Stream Erra’s Frijsfo Treat or click the image to download, and listen while you read our Q&A below…


FRIJSFO: You’ve been on our radar for a while now… what have you been up to since the Stax / Jookup 12” came out on Berkane Sol?

ERRA: Yo! Musically not a huge amount in all honesty, I’ve been writing bits on and off since the Berkane Sol 12”, trying to gather a nice lengthy catalogue of finished trax which is still an ongoing process. I guess the stuff I’m writing currently has an aesthetic which has always been present in the stuff I’ve written, only now swinging more heavily towards a clangier, icier, Grime infused sound; music which is kind of lost/unsure of itself in a way, seasick riddims if you like. Read More »

DJ Oslek – Le Beau Selecteur»

DJ Oslek - Le Beau Selecteur

Frijsfo Beats’ man in charge has recorded a tasty new mixtape for Niche ‘n Bump‘s Tape Loading site! There were just two rules:

1. Strictly vinyl only.

2. Recording is live and direct to cassette.

Listen to side A and/or purchase the full mixtape in all it’s home-made glory at

SFO025 – Warlock»

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15 years or more before Frijsfo Beats even came into existence, Warlock was mixing it up on London’s Pulse 90.6FM as well as up and down the UK at some of the 90s’ best and most legendary raves such as Helter Skelter, Interdance, Labrynth, The Eclipse, Club Kinetic and too many more to mention. Few DJs know dance music history as well as Warlock. He can happily spin a connoisseurs set of just about anything from the heyday of rave up to today’s multi-faceted bass music scene.

You probably also know of Warlock from the Rag and Bone record label Read More »

Frijsfo Beaters and Teeshirts ON SALE NOW!!!»

Frijsfo Beaters (ltd edition)

Frijsfo Tees (ltd edition)

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SFO024 – Kuoyah»

Frijsfo Beats’ Kuoyàh, aka Marco Donnarumma, is making a return to the label in 2013 having taken some years out to work on his award-winning and internationally-respected “biomedia research, musical and theatrical performance, participatory practices and subversive coding” ( Now based in London, Marco’s activity in these areas is ongoing but lately he’s managed to make a lot more time to produce new Kuoyah material.

His last appearance on Frijsfo was in late 2011 remixing Point B’s ‘Fossils’, and before that was with the Aurorae EPs in 2010 – some of his warmest productions to date. Aurorae deservedly drew  glowing comparisons with the likes of T++, Pole, Kontext, Vladislav Delay and the Chain Reaction label, whilst maintaining Kuoyah’s trademark methods of Read More »

SFO023 – The Veld RMX»

SFO016 – Point B – The Veld (released January 2012)

****see also:

“Richard Bultitude AKA Point B is an unsung hero of electronic music. He has quietly but meaningfully honed his talent over almost a decade of releases, for labels including SCSI-AV, Erratica, Combat Recordings and Frijsfo Beats. While he has sensitively shifted the shape of his work the whole time, his identity as a producer has never faded from view. The Veld is his third full-length album, and the first by anyone to be released on Frijsfo.

The immediately noticeable fact about The Veld is that it’s a Point B record. That’s why it can sound sharply contemporary almost without the listener noticing. Think about it, and it’s clear a number of today’s more desirable influences are there, but without a hint of gimmickry. Bultitude handles the weight of classic and revitalised dubstep with intuitive balance, populating the music’s customary space with snatches of fascinating, exotic texture. Elsewhere he remoulds the low-end growl and frigid rhythm composition of darkside neo-electro, or he adapts the sound Frijsfo has effectively made its own – a radically updated and remixed form of 2step garage.  Read More »

Frijsfo Treats 7 – Various Artists»

Happy xmas or whatever it is you’re up to… please help yourself to this pack of beats from us at Frijsfo. Thanks for your support this year.

1. Lewis Hunter – Daph

2. Planes – Likely Bright

3. Clueless – Shaky

4. Sully – Moment4Life

5. Kuoyah – Icicle

6. Point.B – Diatribe

7. *video: Hem – Keir n Cleef

FRJ014 – Geiom – Glesprin EP»

In the past our releases have had a lot of support from excellent DJs – but never so much as with Geiom’s Glesprin EP. This year Ben UFO, Sully, Beneath, The Black Dog, Brackles, Midland, Spatial, Al Tourettes, Hackman, Happa, West Norwood Cassette Library and of course Geiom have all played tracks from the EP.

On 12th November Frijsfo Beats is releasing the Black Screen CD, Geiom’s first album in half a decade. But as we favour vinyl over all other formats for DJing, we had to put something on wax too. This EP contains tracks specially selected for mixing in the club, none of which feature on Black Screen. Read More »

FRJCD01 – Geiom – Black Screen»

Average producers take rhythms straight off the shelf. Geiom takes their prefabricated units apart and builds improbable machines, capable of transforming, interlocking and changing speed. The second striking feature of his music is the signature melodic style, a strange, sweet and sour tonality that can’t be mistaken for the work of anyone else. Already he has released nearly 20 12″s with unique strains of dubstep, UK garage, house, funky and drum ‘n’ bass running through them, interwoven with a fabric of microtones and strange harmonics.

This is Kamal Joory’s third album as Geiom, not counting two (in 1999 and 2000) as Hem and 2002’s Magic Radios with Morgan Caney. 2007’s Island Noise continued his association with the dubstep scene, which included releases on the Skull Disco, Deep Medi and Planet Mu labels, and appearances on Tempa’s Dubstep Allstars and Rinse mix CDs. But before that was 2001’s Sellotape Flowers, a freeform collection of electronica for Neo Ouija (a label which Metamatics, Xela and Apparat have also called home). On Black Screen this whole history comes together – but the album certainly doesn’t showcase Geiom’s repertoire in a museum-like sense. Instead it’s a fertile cross-pollination of his work’s many different facets, fully combining for the first time. The title doesn’t seem to suggest shutdown or dead ends, but rather the sense of possibility you felt before powering up an iPad or a Commodore 64 for the first time.

This is just an outsider’s interpretation, however. Geiom himself says the title came out of the dying moments of a mobile phone, when he imagined its “digital life flashing before its eyes” and lost conversations leaking into the ether. Read More »