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AFRJ016 – Atki2»

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Wire Magazine: “Sam Atkins mangles sound sources like a junglist. Between the waist-winding syncopations and chants of “Bubble” lies pure turbulence – drums contort, subs wriggle, percussion stretches like putty. The effect is undeniable: it’s tough to sit still, such is the temptation to jump up and start throwing gun fingers everywhere. On the flip’s “Galaxy Zoo”, sub pulses are earthy, clearly aimed straight below the belt, but paired with iridescent synth brass. The founder of Bristol’s Ruffneck Diskotek parties, and half of duos Monkeysteak and Dutty Inspectors, Atkins operates at the intersection where his home city’s rich bass city collides with other global sound system musics.”

Bass Clef said “these are great, a nice pairing of a banger and a more blissout summery number, loving the combination of ragga dancehall vibes and a bit of 4/4 technoey attitude great stuff : )” Read More »

AFRJ011 – Atki2»

Frijsfo Beats 7″ vinyl forthcoming 2012

“After cutting his teeth on the respected Werk Discs back in 2005, Sam Atkins has had sporadic and sparse output under this alias. So, it’s good to see Atki2 back with some fresh titbits for 2012. Knock Knock and Vietnam have a wonderful cockeyed dancehall characteristic to them, think the 90’s heavily electronic styles from the likes of Fashion, Steely & Clevie, Taxi labels, with it’s twisted and often weird electronics but all within a dagger inducing locked groove. Get to know. 7/10″ (Mark Gurney, DJ Magazine)