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AFRJ015 – Frijsfo Beats Volume 4»

DJ Oslek continues his mission compiling Frijsfo’s special vinyl series, equipping you with the most vinyl-deserving of their substantial 2step arsenal. This time the music is from an allstar cast of UK producers. You can call it UK Garage music… Read More »

ASFO023 – The Veld RMX»

SFO016 – Point B – The Veld (released January 2012)

****see also: frijsfobeats.bandcamp.com/album/the-veld

“Richard Bultitude AKA Point B is an unsung hero of electronic music. He has quietly but meaningfully honed his talent over almost a decade of releases, for labels including SCSI-AV, Erratica, Combat Recordings and Frijsfo Beats. While he has sensitively shifted the shape of his work the whole time, his identity as a producer has never faded from view. The Veld is his third full-length album, and the first by anyone to be released on Frijsfo.

The immediately noticeable fact about The Veld is that it’s a Point B record. That’s why it can sound sharply contemporary almost without the listener noticing. Think about it, and it’s clear a number of today’s more desirable influences are there, but without a hint of gimmickry. Bultitude handles the weight of classic and revitalised dubstep with intuitive balance, populating the music’s customary space with snatches of fascinating, exotic texture. Elsewhere he remoulds the low-end growl and frigid rhythm composition of darkside neo-electro, or he adapts the sound Frijsfo has effectively made its own – a radically updated and remixed form of 2step garage.  Read More »

ASFO020 – Buzzin10 – Dubbed Out»

In May this year, Frijsfo Beats introduced Buzzin10 with his debut EP Basement Mood. His microsampling of UK Garage cassette tapes caught the imagination, with The Wire magazine, Sonic Router, Boomkat and others all commenting enthusiastically. So did his way with a melody, leading to justified comparisons with Aphex Twin, Zomby and Drexciya. His very individual style found support from noteworthy DJs Sully, Dusk and Blackdown, Warlock, Robn, Kingthing, and Cardopusher to name a few.

Oli Marlow, of Sonic Router writes: “His touches aren’t subtle…Buzzin10’s quite heavy handed with his effecting but that works as a roughness and gives a Read More »

AFRJ012 – Buzzin10 – Basement Mood EP»

We think everything we release on Frijsfo is fresh. At the same time we believe it doesn’t hurt to stay in touch with your roots, which is something Buzzin10 does in a fascinating way. We can’t tell you much about this young producer from East London, a publicity-shy individual whose music we first heard thanks to his older brother. But we do know he pieces together rhythms by sampling fragments from old tape packs – mainly Garage Nation’s late 90s recordings of some of the best DJs of all time, including DJ EZ, Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown, DJ Luck & MC Neat, and Ray Hurley.

This record’s grooves come reinforced with cast iron beats, the sort other people just don’t make any more. That said, it could hardly be mistaken for an excercise in nostalgia, as the bump ‘n’ flex is a springboard for something more unsettling. The bittersweet atmosphere of “Basement Mood” could be imagined as a mythical encounter, Grant Nelson versus Aphex Twin at his most haunting. By the same logic, “String Ting” is an improbable meeting of M-Dubs and Drexciya, its sharp breakbeat funk caught up in stormy arpeggios. Read More »