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ASFO019 – Clueless – Griswald House»

Clueless has been quiet since last year, when he released a first album (for him and the label) on Whistla’s L2S. All that time in the lab since has paid off, as the Griswald House EP moves beyond the fairly direct nu-step of Torrid Affairs to something both subtler and less easily classified. Although the Norwegian producer is a newcomer to Frijsfo Beats, here he fits the label’s exploratory aesthetic perfectly.

‘Build’ juxtaposes a warm pulse – almost reminiscent of Ron Trent’s Chicago House – with an edgy 2-step shuffle, drawing a powerfully hypnotic effect out of the tension. Parts of ‘Dirty Angel’ compare directly with Groove Chronicles – dive-bombing bass, helium-infused R&B – but the dubwise reverb and seesawing beat would find their niche at DMZ or Subloaded, not Twice As Nice. If ‘Griswald House’ sounds Read More »