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ADJ Oslek – Moon Underground Podcasts 1-8»

Here’s DJ Oslek’s podcast series with The Moon Underground (2011-2014) all in one place. Download each episode by clicking on the artwork and listen out for unreleased tracks, exclusive versions, demos, and mashups… There’s music in here that was intended for release on Frijsfo but it never happened because of dead hard drives, time constraints, sample clearance, lost files, other labels doing it instead (haha)… Enjoy.

DJ Oslek x The Moon Underground x ONE

“The first in a new podcast collaboration series from DJ Oslek (dj mix) and Moon Underground (illustration). Featuring new music from artists Sully, Klaar, Desto, and Sclist, plus music from the following labels: Rephlex, Perlon, Warp, 3024, Hemlock, DPR, Ramp, Keysound and Frijsfo Beats.” March, 2011

DJ Oslek x The Moon Underground x TWO

“Featuring new music from Cardopusher, Geiom, S-Max, Spatial, Kuoyah, Desto, Planes, and Sully, plus other music all from these labels: Frijsfo Beats, Schmorgasbord, Read More »

AFRJ015 – Frijsfo Beats Volume 4»

DJ Oslek continues his mission compiling Frijsfo’s special vinyl series, equipping you with the most vinyl-deserving of their substantial 2step arsenal. This time the music is from an allstar cast of UK producers. You can call it UK Garage music… Read More »

ADJ Oslek – Le Beau Selecteur»

DJ Oslek - Le Beau Selecteur

Frijsfo Beats’ man in charge has recorded a tasty new mixtape for Niche ‘n Bump‘s Tape Loading site! There were just two rules:

1. Strictly vinyl only.

2. Recording is live and direct to cassette.

Listen to side A and/or purchase the full mixtape in all it’s home-made glory at TapeLoading.org

AFrijsfo’s 4th Birthday LIVE STREAM»

Connect to the stream from 2pm HERE , let us know if you’re listening and post birthday greetings on the facebook event or on twitter

ADJ Oslek vs The Moon Underground»

ACOSIES, BRISTOL: Point B / Sclist / DJ Oslek»

ADJ Oslek vs The Moon Underground»

ADJ Oslek’s Autumn Top 5»

1. Sully – Carrier (Keysound)

2. Horsepower Productions – The Lost Tapes (Tempa)
3. Point B – The Established Order of Things (Frijsfo Beats)
4. Cardopusher – Goldo State (Iberian Records)

5. DJ Rashad & Gant-Man / DJ Earl / Traxman – Ghettoteknitianz (Planet Mu)

AIDJ – Labels to watch 2011»

IDJ Magazine - 'Labels to watch 2011'

IDJ Magazine believe we show promise for the year ahead, and have included us in their ‘labels to watch’ selection for 2011 alongside the excellent Naked Lunch and Blunted Robots labels, thanks very much. Here’s what they said:


“While UKG has all but slipped from the radar, the emergent sound of future garage is in rude health. Deeper, darker, and filled with leftfield vigour, Frijsfo Beats is at the very front of the movement. Started in 2008 by Cambridge-based DJ Oslek, Frijsfo has been commanding DJ support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Ben UFO and Pangaea, and with good reason. Sully’s 2008 ‘Phonebox’ EP gained serious rotation on left-leaning dancefloors worldwide, while the new Frijsfo Beats 2 EP has an even weightier vibe. 2011 will see Frijsfo diversifying with a 12″ from the supremely talented Geiom, who turns his hand to the world of 170BPM – Autonomic devotees take note! With a Frijsfo mix CD also on the cards, as well as new material from Sully and Point B, 2011 is looking bright.” (IDJ Magazine, January 2011)

ADJ Oslek’s 2010 Chart»

1. Kuoyah – Angels Dub EP                (Frijsfo Beats)

2. Planes – My Intentions                (Lab Beat)

3. Fantastic Mr. Fox – Evelyn EP         (Black Acre)

4. Geiom – Resi Claart / Stel Dum        (Frijsfo Beats)

5. 2562 – Blackout                       (Blackout)

6. Deadboy – Cash Antics Vol. 1          (Well Rounded)

7. Instra:mental – Vicadin / Let’s Talk (Naked Lunch)

8. Autechre – Move of Ten                (Warp)

9. Kuoyah – Aurorae                      (Frijsfo Beats)

10. Synkro – Letting Go                  (Blackout Music)