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AFrijsfo Treats 8 – Erra»

If you’ve been on the Nottingham scene or kept close track of Geiom’s Berkane Sol imprint, you may already know a little bit about Erra – the cake-loving Sega-playing grime-&-garage-raving producer. If not, while we anticipate his label debut, let us introduce him by presenting his cold and heavy new mix as Erra enters another Special Stage with his music. Stream Erra’s Frijsfo Treat or click the image to download, and listen while you read our Q&A below…


FRIJSFO: You’ve been on our radar for a while now… what have you been up to since the Stax / Jookup 12” came out on Berkane Sol?

ERRA: Yo! Musically not a huge amount in all honesty, I’ve been writing bits on and off since the Berkane Sol 12”, trying to gather a nice lengthy catalogue of finished trax which is still an ongoing process. I guess the stuff I’m writing currently has an aesthetic which has always been present in the stuff I’ve written, only now swinging more heavily towards a clangier, icier, Grime infused sound; music which is kind of lost/unsure of itself in a way, seasick riddims if you like. Read More »

AFRJ014 – Geiom – Glesprin EP»

In the past our releases have had a lot of support from excellent DJs – but never so much as with Geiom’s Glesprin EP. This year Ben UFO, Sully, Beneath, The Black Dog, Brackles, Midland, Spatial, Al Tourettes, Hackman, Happa, West Norwood Cassette Library and of course Geiom have all played tracks from the EP.

On 12th November Frijsfo Beats is releasing the Black Screen CD, Geiom’s first album in half a decade. But as we favour vinyl over all other formats for DJing, we had to put something on wax too. This EP contains tracks specially selected for mixing in the club, none of which feature on Black Screen. Read More »

AFRJCD01 – Geiom – Black Screen»

Average producers take rhythms straight off the shelf. Geiom takes their prefabricated units apart and builds improbable machines, capable of transforming, interlocking and changing speed. The second striking feature of his music is the signature melodic style, a strange, sweet and sour tonality that can’t be mistaken for the work of anyone else. Already he has released nearly 20 12″s with unique strains of dubstep, UK garage, house, funky and drum ‘n’ bass running through them, interwoven with a fabric of microtones and strange harmonics.

This is Kamal Joory’s third album as Geiom, not counting two (in 1999 and 2000) as Hem and 2002’s Magic Radios with Morgan Caney. 2007’s Island Noise continued his association with the dubstep scene, which included releases on the Skull Disco, Deep Medi and Planet Mu labels, and appearances on Tempa’s Dubstep Allstars and Rinse mix CDs. But before that was 2001’s Sellotape Flowers, a freeform collection of electronica for Neo Ouija (a label which Metamatics, Xela and Apparat have also called home). On Black Screen this whole history comes together – but the album certainly doesn’t showcase Geiom’s repertoire in a museum-like sense. Instead it’s a fertile cross-pollination of his work’s many different facets, fully combining for the first time. The title doesn’t seem to suggest shutdown or dead ends, but rather the sense of possibility you felt before powering up an iPad or a Commodore 64 for the first time.

This is just an outsider’s interpretation, however. Geiom himself says the title came out of the dying moments of a mobile phone, when he imagined its “digital life flashing before its eyes” and lost conversations leaking into the ether. Read More »

ASFO021 – Yllw Grn EP»

This three-track EP continues Geiom’s fruitful relationship with Frijsfo Beats. It comes ahead of an album to be released on Frijsfo later this year, the follow-up to 2007’s Island Noise. In a recent interview, Geiom reveals it will “represent all the different aspects of my work”.

This EP is tightly focused. Across previous 12″s and downloads for Frijsfo, Geiom has developed a signature sound – busy and colourful, a vivid contrast to his slower-paced work. Here it progresses in new ways. Read More »

AFrijsfo’s 4th Birthday LIVE STREAM»

Connect to the stream from 2pm HERE , let us know if you’re listening and post birthday greetings on the facebook event or on twitter

ASFO017 – Geiom / Point.B»

Kamal Joory’s latest outing for Frijsfo Beats revolves around some mind-bending rhythmic psychedelia. Inhabiting a blurred interzone, outside the borders of drum ‘n’ bass and footwork, are shape-shifting species of hi-hat and snare, that modulate between staggered half-time and rattlesnake-like vibrations. In a recent interview for the Liminal Sounds blog, he says he’s “always heard drums as melodies”, something that makes sense listening to his beats insinuate themselves around the rest of the music.

Though many Geiom productions catch the reflection of one genre or another, here his own individual vocabulary dominates. As on his Island Noise album, he takes UK dance music’s interest in the exotic and twists it in on itself. “Melting Reels” makes brittle 808 drums (provided by Boxcutter in an ongoing analogue sound exchange) dance to the tune of tabla-like percussion and a Read More »

ASFO015 – Geiom feat. Divine»

Released December 2011

AFRJ010 – Frijsfo Beats Volume 3»

Released August 2011 on 12″ vinyl w/printed sleeve.

“Frijsfo Beats come with the biggest drop yet in their series of vinyl EPs compiling work from various artists. As usual it’s evidently curated with a distinctive ear, tuned to wilder mutations of garage and dubstep. Volume 3 sees Geiom return, by now a label stalwart, but is largely about new blood, delivering a hefty load of talent to the roster all at once in Cardopusher, Desto and Submerse.

Cardopusher will shock anyone who thinks they have him pinned down as a purveyor of jump-up tracks, albeit high quality ones. “Then What” pulls the covers from the Venezuelan’s real talent, for rugged techno soul and the kind of weighty but improbably elastic rhythm section that marks out a cannier producer. Though sharper heads will have clocked his recent album for Tigerbeat6, for sheer rewind and replay value his contribution here stands out memorably.

Desto isn’t the only Finnish producer to get ahead in the hype game recently, but he stakes out his territory in muscular fashion. His remix Read More »

ASFO009 – Geiom»

Support for these tracks comes from: Autechre, Rob Hall (Skam), Hackman (Ramp), Dave Q (Dub war), BunZero (SubFM), West Norwood Cassette Library, Kingthing (Fortified / Well Rounded), Rob Booth (Electronic Explorations).

Released July 2011.

AIDJ – Labels to watch 2011»

IDJ Magazine - 'Labels to watch 2011'

IDJ Magazine believe we show promise for the year ahead, and have included us in their ‘labels to watch’ selection for 2011 alongside the excellent Naked Lunch and Blunted Robots labels, thanks very much. Here’s what they said:


“While UKG has all but slipped from the radar, the emergent sound of future garage is in rude health. Deeper, darker, and filled with leftfield vigour, Frijsfo Beats is at the very front of the movement. Started in 2008 by Cambridge-based DJ Oslek, Frijsfo has been commanding DJ support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Ben UFO and Pangaea, and with good reason. Sully’s 2008 ‘Phonebox’ EP gained serious rotation on left-leaning dancefloors worldwide, while the new Frijsfo Beats 2 EP has an even weightier vibe. 2011 will see Frijsfo diversifying with a 12″ from the supremely talented Geiom, who turns his hand to the world of 170BPM – Autonomic devotees take note! With a Frijsfo mix CD also on the cards, as well as new material from Sully and Point B, 2011 is looking bright.” (IDJ Magazine, January 2011)