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AFRJCD03 – Kuoyah – Iride»

IRIDE is the debut album of Italian musician Marco Donnarumma aka Kuoyah, whose artist debut also came through Frijsfo back in 2009. Iride is a long player weighing in at just under one hour and like his previous work it makes for intriguing, challenging yet rewarding listening. Iride in Italian translates to ‘Iris’, by the way…

These tracks were written and put together in spurts of productivity between 2012 and 2014. The first fruits dropped in 2013 via the strange yet well-received digital tracks ‘Freight / Rejo‘ – a different version of the latter appears on Iride’s opening stages. Boomkat called it “muscular dark garage moves such as the high-velocity ‘Freight’ and the slicing chops of ‘Rejo’, reminding of older Brackles or Blunted Robot styles…” whilst KMag included it in their top 10 Bass Music releases and said “‘Freight’s fractured 2-step beats, bloated bassline and steely stare make for a shadowy dance floor weapon that steals the show here. On the flip ‘Rejo’s slightly lighter disposition is manifested in bouncy tribal percussion, incomprehensible vocal cuts and warping chords”. Read More »

AComing soon – Kuoyah’s debut album: Iride»

Coming soon!

AFrijsfo Beats presents SULLY / POINT B / KUOYAH @ The Portland, Cambridge, UK»

We’re doing a one-off event on November 5th in Cambridge and Sully is heading the bill… we’ll be announcing some more big Frijsfo names to the line-up soon but meanwhile there’s a limited number of cheap advance tickets available over here. Catch the fireworks on the common beforehand and then head over to The Portland Arms where it’ll be getting started. Show some love on the facebook event yeah. See you on Wednesday 5th November. Remember remember…

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ASFO024 – Kuoyah»

Frijsfo Beats’ Kuoyàh, aka Marco Donnarumma, is making a return to the label in 2013 having taken some years out to work on his award-winning and internationally-respected “biomedia research, musical and theatrical performance, participatory practices and subversive coding” (http://vimeo.com/marcodonnarumma). Now based in London, Marco’s activity in these areas is ongoing but lately he’s managed to make a lot more time to produce new Kuoyah material.

His last appearance on Frijsfo was in late 2011 remixing Point B’s ‘Fossils’, and before that was with the Aurorae EPs in 2010 – some of his warmest productions to date. Aurorae deservedly drew  glowing comparisons with the likes of T++, Pole, Kontext, Vladislav Delay and the Chain Reaction label, whilst maintaining Kuoyah’s trademark methods of Read More »

AFrijsfo Treats 4 – Cardopusher»

The fourth in our sporadic series of free music and sound give-aways is a straight up DJ set from the one and only Cardopusher. He recorded this mix for Frijsfo Beats in August, during a hectic summer otherwise spent performing throughout Europe and prolifically producing and promoting an incredibly strong string of original releases. Remarkably, Cardopusher has managed to release new music every month of 2011 so far, including Frijsfo favourite ‘Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up‘ on Tigerbeat6 (one of Read More »

ASFO012 – Point B / Kuoyah / Kingthing»

Released September 2011

AFRJ010 – Frijsfo Beats Volume 3»

Released August 2011 on 12″ vinyl w/printed sleeve.

“Frijsfo Beats come with the biggest drop yet in their series of vinyl EPs compiling work from various artists. As usual it’s evidently curated with a distinctive ear, tuned to wilder mutations of garage and dubstep. Volume 3 sees Geiom return, by now a label stalwart, but is largely about new blood, delivering a hefty load of talent to the roster all at once in Cardopusher, Desto and Submerse.

Cardopusher will shock anyone who thinks they have him pinned down as a purveyor of jump-up tracks, albeit high quality ones. “Then What” pulls the covers from the Venezuelan’s real talent, for rugged techno soul and the kind of weighty but improbably elastic rhythm section that marks out a cannier producer. Though sharper heads will have clocked his recent album for Tigerbeat6, for sheer rewind and replay value his contribution here stands out memorably.

Desto isn’t the only Finnish producer to get ahead in the hype game recently, but he stakes out his territory in muscular fashion. His remix Read More »

ASFO010 – Submerse / Kuoyah»

Released August 2011.

“Over the past 3 years Frijsfo have built a name for releasing quietly adventurous music, joining the dots between garage and the broader, more exploratory side of cross genre electronica that has come to be termed simply as bass music. Over the same time, Submerse has produced a selection of melodic and skeletal garage tracks, making Frijsfo a natural home for this 12”.  On the A-side, gentle pads, weighted kicks and a hollow woodblock give way to a super smooth drop, involving subtle sub patterns and the ubiquitous cut and pitched female vocal.

For those used to the edgier end of the labels output though, it should be noted that this is as close to ‘pure’ garage as Frijsfo have got, and if the A side leaves you hankering for something slightly more twisted, turn over for Kuoyah’s superbly wonky remix. The Italian producer retains the pads and percussive elements but layers them, building a supremely warped 5am stumble.

Calling to mind the hypnotic rhythmical quirks of 2562 or even Actress, and clocking in at over 6 minutes, it is a joy. An assured and polished 12”.” (Harry Sword, DataTransmission.co.uk)


AFrijsfo Treats 3 – Various Artists»

Frijsfo Treats 3

Frijsfo Treats 3 - Various Artists

*Download full EP*

1. Sneer – Notions

2. Kuoyah – Burning Lights

3. Point B – Promises Promises

4. Sully – Grids V1


ADJ Oslek’s 2010 Chart»

1. Kuoyah – Angels Dub EP                (Frijsfo Beats)

2. Planes – My Intentions                (Lab Beat)

3. Fantastic Mr. Fox – Evelyn EP         (Black Acre)

4. Geiom – Resi Claart / Stel Dum        (Frijsfo Beats)

5. 2562 – Blackout                       (Blackout)

6. Deadboy – Cash Antics Vol. 1          (Well Rounded)

7. Instra:mental – Vicadin / Let’s Talk (Naked Lunch)

8. Autechre – Move of Ten                (Warp)

9. Kuoyah – Aurorae                      (Frijsfo Beats)

10. Synkro – Letting Go                  (Blackout Music)