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ASFO005/6 – Kuoyah»

Italian-born Marco Donnarumma is a relative newcomer to the styles favoured here at Frijsfo Beats, but we’ve embraced his obvious talent with open arms. As Kuoyàh, his debut ‘Chase The Comedown’ was a unique-sounding piece of work for the label, smartly followed by a remix of Point B and the even better ‘Angels Dub EP’, along with reworkings of its title track by Geiom and Sully.

Part of that record’s success lay in toning down his beat-based experiments in favour of rolling roots-of-dubstep vibes and the filmic feel of classic Horsepower Productions. His latest material, though, has absolutely floored us: six pieces, split over two digital EPs, of the lushest, most unfathomable music we’ve heard this year. Read More »

AFRJ007 – Frijsfo Beats Volume 2»

Mixmag review FRJ007

‘Frijsfo Beats Volume 2’ is the second various-artists EP from the eponymous label, marking a fruitful two years in existence. Promise was recognised from the start in the pages of The Wire magazine among other places. Since then, support for Frijsfo’s open-minded aesthetic has grown, with FACT magazine, Boomkat and DJs such as Ben UFO, Pangaea and Tomb Crew getting behind vinyl releases from Sully, Ed DMX, Point B and Kuoyah.

The EP opens with a first for the label in a contribution from Geiom, responsible for the Berkane Sol label, as well as material for the likes of Skull Disco, Deep Medi and Read More »

AFRJ006 – Kuoyàh»

Italy’s Marco Donnarumma indicated some of the potential of his Kuoyàh project with last April’s digital release for Frijsfo, earning enthusiastic tips from the likes of Boomkat. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that his debut on wax ups the game – even in the face of a mix from Sully – by applying a focus capable of working magic in 2010’s open-ended dubstep dance. Read More »

AFRJ004 – Point B»

After his excellent remix for Sully’s “Phonebox” EP last summer, Frijsfo Beats is delighted to provide a home for Point B’s latest and best experiments on the fringes of dubstep and UK garage. Read More »

ASFO001 – Kuoyah»

This is the first of many digital only releases from Frijsfo Beats, and it comes from new Frijsfo signing Kuoyàh . Kuoyàh is the new alias of Italian producer/multimedia artist/live performer Marco Donnarumma aka The !S.A.D!


As The !S.A.D!, Marco has produced and released a lot of music with the focus being on noise/breakcore Read More »