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AFrijsfo’s 4th Birthday LIVE STREAM»

Connect to the stream from 2pm HERE , let us know if you’re listening and post birthday greetings on the facebook event or on twitter

AFrijsfo Treats 2 – Lewis Hunter»

Frijsfo Treats - Cut from the wreckage remix stems

Lewis Hunter is generously offering the stems to his ‘Cut from the wreckage’ track (released on Frijsfo Beats Volume 1 in 2008) to the Frijsfo Treats series… Some very very lush sounds and beats to play with, download the pack here:


Send your remixes to soundcloud.com/lewishunter and soundcloud.com/frijsfo-beats

The more the merrier!

AOur 2nd Birthday @ LAB»

Presented by LABORATORY, on Funktion One sound… What could possibly go wrong?

The Great Northern,
1-3 Station Road,


24th July 2010


AFRJ007 – Frijsfo Beats Volume 2»

Mixmag review FRJ007

‘Frijsfo Beats Volume 2’ is the second various-artists EP from the eponymous label, marking a fruitful two years in existence. Promise was recognised from the start in the pages of The Wire magazine among other places. Since then, support for Frijsfo’s open-minded aesthetic has grown, with FACT magazine, Boomkat and DJs such as Ben UFO, Pangaea and Tomb Crew getting behind vinyl releases from Sully, Ed DMX, Point B and Kuoyah.

The EP opens with a first for the label in a contribution from Geiom, responsible for the Berkane Sol label, as well as material for the likes of Skull Disco, Deep Medi and Read More »

AFrijsfo Treats – 2snide»

The Frijsfo Treats series of podcasts and other free music commences with one hour and twenty-four minutes of music presented to you by long-standing Frijsfo Beats artist 2snide!

2snide – Treat One

  • Lewis Hunter – Cut from the wreckage (Sclist Remix)
  • Sully – Grids V2 (Dub)
  • EDMX – 2K3 Beat (Frijsfo Beats)
  • Sines – Still Fullish (L2S recordings)
  • Wiley – Split It Down The Middle (White)
  • Hypno – Telescope (Haunted Audio)
  • Sticky – ??? (White)
  • J-Treole – The Loot (Sully Remix) (Keysound)
  • Sclist – Idle (Frijsfo Beats)
  • Flying Lotus – Roberta Flack (Martyn Remix) (Warp)
  • Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold (Groove Chronicles)
  • El-Tuff Project – Drive Me Crazy (Qualifide)
  • James Fox – Put It Back (Ramadanman Remix) (Take)
  • Blackmass Plastics – Blue Velvet (Dub)
  • Blackmass Plastics – Ready Shreddy (Gruffalo)
  • Point B – Industrial Revulsion (Combat forthcoming)
  • Lex – Batman
  • Point B – Detritus (Frijsfo Beats)
  • Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car (Warp)
  • Jose James – Blackmagic (Joy Orbison Remix) (Brownswood)
  • Mosca – Gold Bricks I See You (Elavator Music)
  • Hardsoul – Self Religeon (2snide Remake) (Dub)
  • Warlock – Black Bag Of Doom (Dub)
  • Daninche – Mega Drive Bass (???)
  • Terra Danjah – ??? (Dub)
  • Unknown – Unknown (White)
  • Point B – Misspent Youth (Combat forthcoming)
  • Horsepower Productions – Django’s Revenge (Tempa)
  • Fissure – Brilliancy (Another Chance)
  • Sully – Toffee Apple (Frijsfo Beats Dub)
  • Kuei – Tanaris Rising (Hsuan Records Dub)
  • Kipo – Monkey Breakfast (Left Turn Records Dub)
  • Mosca – Square One (Greena Remix) (Night Slugs)
  • Synkro – Vacant (Smokin Sessions)
  • Debruit – Nigeria What (Civil Music)
  • Falty DL – Paradise Lost (Planet Mu)
  • Kuoyah – Asia (Frijsfo Beats forthcoming)

* Don’t Miss: Prolific ignorant breeze-chatting, and much more, from 2snide and others over at Snide Remarx.

Frijsfo Treats 2…. Lewis Hunter.

ASFO003 – Sclist»

Last year was an important one for Frijsfo Beats, with the release of a small but filler-free series of 12-inch and digital EPs from Sully, Ed DMX, Point B and Kuoyàh. 2010 sees the label keep moving forward with a new name for its digital roster in Sclist. Read More »

AFRJ001 – Frijsfo Beats Volume 1»

Wire review FRJ001

Buy Frijsfo Beats Vol. 1

Frijsfo Beats October 2008.