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ASFO022 – Martin Kemp»


DJ support from Oslek, Robn, Dusk & Blackdown, Kingthing, Ghosts On Tape, Deep Teknologi….

Download Martin’s Frijsfo Treats mix here.

‘Terr’ on Youtube.

ASFO021 – Yllw Grn EP»

This three-track EP continues Geiom’s fruitful relationship with Frijsfo Beats. It comes ahead of an album to be released on Frijsfo later this year, the follow-up to 2007’s Island Noise. In a recent interview, Geiom reveals it will “represent all the different aspects of my work”.

This EP is tightly focused. Across previous 12″s and downloads for Frijsfo, Geiom has developed a signature sound – busy and colourful, a vivid contrast to his slower-paced work. Here it progresses in new ways. Read More »

AFrijsfo Treats 6 – Martin Kemp»

Martin Kemp generously offers one of the best Frijsfo Treats yet in this ace DJ mix, which is packed with upfront and unreleased music from the likes of Beneath, Shy One, his brother Brackles, and more – including Dusk & Blackdown’s ‘Wicked Vibes’. All three of the bloody delicious tracks from Kemp’s new vinyl, the ‘German Salad’ EP feature too.

The mix is short at just over 30 minutes, but Martin prefers it this way – “I think mixes are better shorter. Who really needs an hour. I could do another”, he says.  Surely he will, meanwhile you should download and enjoy this one.

Martin Kemp – Closer [Frijsfo Beats]

Shy One – City Roots [forthcoming on DVA music]

Beneath – Blaze [unreleased]

Martin Kemp – Cracks [Frijsfo Beats]

Brackles – 2012 [unreleased]

Martin Kemp – German Salad [Frijsfo Beats]

Shy One – Lickle Rascal [forthcoming on DVA music] Read More »

AFRJ013 – Martin Kemp»

There’s not much to say about Martin Kemp, once you ignore distractions such as his talented brother (Rob, aka Brackles) and a certain namesake. That’s fine with us, as his tunes can do the talking.

One thing we will say is that he’s an under-recognised pioneer. Proclaiming love for classic House and Garage, there’s now an army of producers who blend the influences with Dubstep and UK Funky. Martin was one of the first to explore the territory, heard on his 12″s for Blunted Robots from 2009.

After a two-year break, the German Salad EP puts him back at the centre of the map. So far, DJ support has come from Brackles, Geiom, Oslek, Robn (Wifey/Deja Vu) and Beneath, Dusk & Blackdown, Shy One, and Scratcha DVA.

Martin’s sound is still distinctive, avoiding superficial references in favour of its own constants: gritty, broken-up drums, penetrating bass for soundsystems, and contrasting qualities of warmth, iciness, sweet and sour. While it’s all intact here, the EP shows off more range than before.

The title track plays on the aesthetics of European Minimal Techno: it’s typical that Martin works with a minimalist’s efficiency, squeezing the maximum from a limited palette, but here he restricts himself to clipped, angular percussion and precise counterpoint. Instead of walking a straight line, however, he opens floods of delay and skids into rudeboy-style Garage drops, erratically cutting the drum track and bouncing Read More »

AFrijsfo’s 4th Birthday LIVE STREAM»

Connect to the stream from 2pm HERE , let us know if you’re listening and post birthday greetings on the facebook event or on twitter