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ASFO013 – Point B»

Released October 2011

*Resident Advisor review: “Conceptually, a release entitled The Established Order of Things could hint at everything in general and nothing in particular. However, the glistening, distorted environment that this UK bass-inclined EP generally evokes is quite specific; the four tracks here all doing something a little bit different while remaining part of the same general unsettling template. The slowed-down swing of “The Established Order” alternates between sharp-as-a-needle breaks and spacial incandescence. “Breeding Ground” is all low-end and rim shots, hinting at a lively car chase. “Grave Diction” sounds like a gruelling journey to the heart of the bass. It’s a robust track that blossoms when the synths wash around its core. “Spore Onion” isn’t that dissimilar, but the general tone is lighter, even though it’s augmented by spectral strings that could have accompanied Vincent Price on a killing spree.” (Paul Corey, Resident Advisor)

AFrijsfo Treats 4 – Cardopusher»

The fourth in our sporadic series of free music and sound give-aways is a straight up DJ set from the one and only Cardopusher. He recorded this mix for Frijsfo Beats in August, during a hectic summer otherwise spent performing throughout Europe and prolifically producing and promoting an incredibly strong string of original releases. Remarkably, Cardopusher has managed to release new music every month of 2011 so far, including Frijsfo favourite ‘Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up‘ on Tigerbeat6 (one of Read More »

ASFO012 – Point B / Kuoyah / Kingthing»

Released September 2011

ASFO011 – Cardopusher»

Released September 2011

We welcomed Cardopusher to the label just last month, giving him the opening spot on the Frijsfo Beats Vol. 3 compilation. Based in Barcelona (but Venezuelan by birth) the producer is challenging the field of new garage and dubstep head on, blowing most out of the water with sheer grit and soul.

Aptly named, the Instant Loving EP includes the anthemic ‘Then What’ taken from Vol. 3. A club smasher in the most sophisticated sense, like the rest of the EP it’s a hybrid beast, engineered from elements of rugged techno soul and deep garage house. The memorable melody of ‘Instant Glue’ will jump-start any Read More »

APlanes – Joining Dots LP»

Planes - Joining Dots LP

Planes - Joining Dots LP

Frijsfo Beats heavyweight Point B is to release some more excellently “destabilised, squashy, instrumental hip-hop beats” on Lab Beat under his Planes moniker, next week on August 1st!  This is his debut album with the Planes project and makes for some top-quality summer listening – don’t miss out!


1. Time Again

2. Vespa

3. Leg Warmers

4. Steel Curve

5. Joining Dots

6. Junkyard Sculpture

7. Skim

8. New Purchase

9. Taking Shape

10. Among Us

AFrijsfo Treats 3 – Various Artists»

Frijsfo Treats 3

Frijsfo Treats 3 - Various Artists

*Download full EP*

1. Sneer – Notions

2. Kuoyah – Burning Lights

3. Point B – Promises Promises

4. Sully – Grids V1


ASFO008 – Sclist / Point B»

Released March 2011

ASFO007 – Point B»

Released February 2011

AIDJ – Labels to watch 2011»

IDJ Magazine - 'Labels to watch 2011'

IDJ Magazine believe we show promise for the year ahead, and have included us in their ‘labels to watch’ selection for 2011 alongside the excellent Naked Lunch and Blunted Robots labels, thanks very much. Here’s what they said:


“While UKG has all but slipped from the radar, the emergent sound of future garage is in rude health. Deeper, darker, and filled with leftfield vigour, Frijsfo Beats is at the very front of the movement. Started in 2008 by Cambridge-based DJ Oslek, Frijsfo has been commanding DJ support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Ben UFO and Pangaea, and with good reason. Sully’s 2008 ‘Phonebox’ EP gained serious rotation on left-leaning dancefloors worldwide, while the new Frijsfo Beats 2 EP has an even weightier vibe. 2011 will see Frijsfo diversifying with a 12″ from the supremely talented Geiom, who turns his hand to the world of 170BPM – Autonomic devotees take note! With a Frijsfo mix CD also on the cards, as well as new material from Sully and Point B, 2011 is looking bright.” (IDJ Magazine, January 2011)

ASFO004 – Sneer»

iDJ Magazine review SFO004

Sneer’s first solo release on Frijsfo Beats has been far too long coming considering his significant part in inspiring and contributing to the label since long before it began. For those that don’t know, Sneer is the other half of production duo Innasekt; their “hardcore dubstep cut” ‘Static’ opened Frijsfo’s first vinyl compilation volume in 2008. Since then a steady stream of top-quality beats has flowed from the now-Berlin-based artist, however the majority of these remain unreleased. This Read More »