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AFRJ007 – Frijsfo Beats Volume 2»

Mixmag review FRJ007

‘Frijsfo Beats Volume 2’ is the second various-artists EP from the eponymous label, marking a fruitful two years in existence. Promise was recognised from the start in the pages of The Wire magazine among other places. Since then, support for Frijsfo’s open-minded aesthetic has grown, with FACT magazine, Boomkat and DJs such as Ben UFO, Pangaea and Tomb Crew getting behind vinyl releases from Sully, Ed DMX, Point B and Kuoyah.

The EP opens with a first for the label in a contribution from Geiom, responsible for the Berkane Sol label, as well as material for the likes of Skull Disco, Deep Medi and Read More »

AFRJ006 – Kuoyàh»

Italy’s Marco Donnarumma indicated some of the potential of his Kuoyàh project with last April’s digital release for Frijsfo, earning enthusiastic tips from the likes of Boomkat. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that his debut on wax ups the game – even in the face of a mix from Sully – by applying a focus capable of working magic in 2010’s open-ended dubstep dance. Read More »

AFrijsfo Treats – 2snide»

The Frijsfo Treats series of podcasts and other free music commences with one hour and twenty-four minutes of music presented to you by long-standing Frijsfo Beats artist 2snide!

2snide – Treat One

  • Lewis Hunter – Cut from the wreckage (Sclist Remix)
  • Sully – Grids V2 (Dub)
  • EDMX – 2K3 Beat (Frijsfo Beats)
  • Sines – Still Fullish (L2S recordings)
  • Wiley – Split It Down The Middle (White)
  • Hypno – Telescope (Haunted Audio)
  • Sticky – ??? (White)
  • J-Treole – The Loot (Sully Remix) (Keysound)
  • Sclist – Idle (Frijsfo Beats)
  • Flying Lotus – Roberta Flack (Martyn Remix) (Warp)
  • Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold (Groove Chronicles)
  • El-Tuff Project – Drive Me Crazy (Qualifide)
  • James Fox – Put It Back (Ramadanman Remix) (Take)
  • Blackmass Plastics – Blue Velvet (Dub)
  • Blackmass Plastics – Ready Shreddy (Gruffalo)
  • Point B – Industrial Revulsion (Combat forthcoming)
  • Lex – Batman
  • Point B – Detritus (Frijsfo Beats)
  • Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car (Warp)
  • Jose James – Blackmagic (Joy Orbison Remix) (Brownswood)
  • Mosca – Gold Bricks I See You (Elavator Music)
  • Hardsoul – Self Religeon (2snide Remake) (Dub)
  • Warlock – Black Bag Of Doom (Dub)
  • Daninche – Mega Drive Bass (???)
  • Terra Danjah – ??? (Dub)
  • Unknown – Unknown (White)
  • Point B – Misspent Youth (Combat forthcoming)
  • Horsepower Productions – Django’s Revenge (Tempa)
  • Fissure – Brilliancy (Another Chance)
  • Sully – Toffee Apple (Frijsfo Beats Dub)
  • Kuei – Tanaris Rising (Hsuan Records Dub)
  • Kipo – Monkey Breakfast (Left Turn Records Dub)
  • Mosca – Square One (Greena Remix) (Night Slugs)
  • Synkro – Vacant (Smokin Sessions)
  • Debruit – Nigeria What (Civil Music)
  • Falty DL – Paradise Lost (Planet Mu)
  • Kuoyah – Asia (Frijsfo Beats forthcoming)

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Frijsfo Treats 2…. Lewis Hunter.

AFRJ005 – Sully»

Griping about dubstep seems pretty pointless at the moment – for almost every formulaic record on the shelves, there’s another young, creative producer beating a much more interesting path. Norwich’s Jack Stevens – better known as Sully – is justifiably seen as one of those individuals.


Tantalisingly doing the rounds on dub for long enough now, “Reminder” and “Jackman’s Rec” should usher in Sully’s biggest moment yet. Since Blackdown (AKA Martin Clark) included both in his end-of-year dubstep chart for Pitchf Read More »

ASFO002 – Sully»

“Sully’s *the* most exciting producer doing anything with swing and 2step beats this side of Burial. Headz ain’t ready for Sully…”
— Blackdown

Read More »

AFRJ002 – Sully»

iDJ magazine review by DJ ThinKing

“With seemingly endless talent and versatility, Sully puts his garage hat on to produce one super-slick plate. This ain’t no retrospective though; the 2-step template has been refined and recombined into a

Read More »