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AFRJ015 – Frijsfo Beats Volume 4»

DJ Oslek continues his mission compiling Frijsfo’s special vinyl series, equipping you with the most vinyl-deserving of their substantial 2step arsenal. This time the music is from an allstar cast of UK producers. You can call it UK Garage music… Read More »

ASFO025 – Warlock»

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15 years or more before Frijsfo Beats even came into existence, Warlock was mixing it up on London’s Pulse 90.6FM as well as up and down the UK at some of the 90s’ best and most legendary raves such as Helter Skelter, Interdance, Labrynth, The Eclipse, Club Kinetic and too many more to mention. Few DJs know dance music history as well as Warlock. He can happily spin a connoisseurs set of just about anything from the heyday of rave up to today’s multi-faceted bass music scene.

You probably also know of Warlock from the Rag and Bone record label Read More »

ASFO023 – The Veld RMX»

SFO016 – Point B – The Veld (released January 2012)

****see also: frijsfobeats.bandcamp.com/album/the-veld

“Richard Bultitude AKA Point B is an unsung hero of electronic music. He has quietly but meaningfully honed his talent over almost a decade of releases, for labels including SCSI-AV, Erratica, Combat Recordings and Frijsfo Beats. While he has sensitively shifted the shape of his work the whole time, his identity as a producer has never faded from view. The Veld is his third full-length album, and the first by anyone to be released on Frijsfo.

The immediately noticeable fact about The Veld is that it’s a Point B record. That’s why it can sound sharply contemporary almost without the listener noticing. Think about it, and it’s clear a number of today’s more desirable influences are there, but without a hint of gimmickry. Bultitude handles the weight of classic and revitalised dubstep with intuitive balance, populating the music’s customary space with snatches of fascinating, exotic texture. Elsewhere he remoulds the low-end growl and frigid rhythm composition of darkside neo-electro, or he adapts the sound Frijsfo has effectively made its own – a radically updated and remixed form of 2step garage.  Read More »