1. Sully
  2. Point B
    London, UK
  3. Geiom
    Nottingham, UK
  4. Dave Oslek
  5. Atki2
    Bristol, UK
  6. Erra
  7. Kuoyah
    Berlin, Germany
  8. Sclist
    England, UK
  9. Warlock
    London, UK
  10. Martin Kemp
    London, UK
  11. Lewis Hunter
    Cambridge, UK


frijsfo UK


“Consistently classy label...” (Mixmag)

"..Dave Oslek’s label has doggedly carried left-swerving, multi-step bin botherers from lesser-praised operators with a penchant for playfully weird twists on the dubstep and garage tradition." (International Orange)

“An ever-reliable source of future-minded two step grooves...” (IDJ Magazine)
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